Hoppy Thanksgiving

HOPPY THANKSGIVING to all the Tripawds and their families. I have so very much to be grateful for this year! Mom has gotten over thinking that I have had enough treats and she is letting me have whatever I want, which only makes sense. Right? My brother Raffie and I  are admiring our turkey after  helping Mom  slave all day over the hot stove making all sorts of wonderful dog friendly treats for MEEEEEE.

Me and Raffie checking out the turkey



Look how HANDSOME I am!!!!

Hoppy Ampuversary to meeee! My mom is getting stingy with the presents and treats. She said with my birthday and Gotcha Day I don’t deserve ANY more presents or cake or party hats. Not even waffles today! All I got was a bully stick and everyone KNOWS what those are made of.  That is so NOT a celebration treat! My mom is worried that I may be getting fat. Everyone but HER knows that it is MUSCLE!

I am posting to tell the world the truth. Enough of this fake news! My Mom is WRONG!! and she knows it! All I had to do was look at her with my big floppy brown eyes (which NEVER show up in pictures) and  her heart melts. So today I am having pulled pork sliders and I’m not sure yet, but there MAY be a cake going into the oven later. I did tell her that I can do without the party hat tho.

She is still letting me sleep in her bed. HaHa! I have her trained really well. I take up 3/4 of the bed and then I kick her all night while I am dreaming that I am chasing squirrels. She gets a little mad with me when I get up during the night. I told her I can’t stay in that bed all night with her electric blanket on… she turned it off! Guess she loves me after all.

We go to back to the University of Wisconsin on December 6 for X-rays and recheck. I can use a few prayers, please! My mom is starting to show signs of concern. She will get much worse as the date draws nearer. OK, back to my nap, now. Woof Woof and hugs, hair and slobber to all! I cant wait for Thanksgiving. My mom has soooo much to be thankful for cause I AM HOPPY! I can almost smell that turkey and I am plotting how to steal it off the counter!


#1 Cake uncut. #2 Meee and Raffie eating cake. #3 Sugar coma after 3rd pieces of cake – zonked.

Hallelujah!! I have made it thru Gotcha Day. Been with my Forever Mom for 6 whole amazing years! My mom was soooo worried I wasn’t going to make it this far but I am PAWESOME! I am doing whatever I want to do and I am shedding and drooling all over the place and my mom just smiles and says, ” Thank You, Jesus!” I am loving this!! Just yesterday I shook my head and my drool hit my mom square right in the face! I was laughing so hard as she said “Ewwwe”, wiped off her face, washed her glasses and gave me a big kiss and a treat!

Mom even told me I am a much better dog than I used to be. I love it when she praises me and compliments me but I love it even more when she cooks for me and makes me a CAKE! I am sooo looking forward to Thanksgiving when she will make  a WHOLE TURKEY for me!