Life Goes On – Thurston’s Legacy

Meet Augie Daugie

Augie Daugie and THAT OTHER DOG, Raffie

Introducing Augie Daugie: He is a QuadPawd, but hopes to take on Thurston’s role and continue to antagonize Raffie! Pretty sure Thurston sent him to us, so Here ya go!

Hi! everyone! Thanks for welcoming me! Rene said it was OK for me to be a QuadPawd representative and ambassador! I kinda snuck up on Hoomama. It all started while she was looking for a Tripawd on line. Not easy with COVID precautions and no one letting her into the shelters so THAT was my opportunity. I was just sooo cute and Hoomama saw my picture and HAD to HAVE ME. She emailed the shelter but they told her she would have to wait for an appointment…

Well, anyone who us familiar with Thurston knows Hoomama ain’t good at waiting. She said she was just terrified someone would get to me before she did – so she kept calling and praying and emailing til the shelter called her and asked, “What’s wrong with you?” She explained about how she HAD to have me and couldn’t live without me and all that other babble she makes up that sounds so convincing, so they gave her an appointment to shut her up! The rest is history.

No one knows what kinda doggo I am – some Pit Bull and other stuff. Hoomama sent a DNA so we will soon know. I am 3 months old and I weigh 32 pounds. I know how to steal Raffie treats, sit, down and do touch!! Hoomama keeps trying to teach me stuff. Something about clickers and treats – she knows all about it.

I know I have some BIG paws to fill in trying to take over for Thurston but I am up to the challenge… as soon as I learn how to stop peeing on the floor! Lets start with the  Blue Bunny Ice Cream and waffles! Love to all from Spirit Thurston, Hoomama, That Other Dog (Raffie) and MEEEEE! Augie Daugie!

I Will Meet you at the Bridge


I am writing today as Hoomama, not as Hero Dog Thurston. It is with a very broken heart that I have to tell everyone that Thurston got his wings at about 5:15 this morning (Christmas Eve). He had been hospitalized over Thanksgiving with a close call with bloat. This morning he was distended and in severe pain.  I got him to the emergency vet at 4:15am and his stomach had already flipped. He was in severe pain. The vet discouraged me from considering surgery as there was little chance of success. He was considered an “elderly gentleman”. He was very much his own dog and he did NOT die from his cancer. He had a WONDERFUL LIFE with his Hoomama and his brother – “that other dog, Raffie”- 8 years, 3 months and  24 days. He lived 2 years 8 months and 1 day after his cancer diagnosis and 2 years 7 months and 12 days as a Tripawd! He died peacefully in my arms with me thanking him for being my dog and telling him that “Da Mama loves da Puppy soooo much! I will love this hero dog forever! He was truly an inspiration to all who knew and loved him. Rest in peace, Big Boy. I will meet you at the Bridge!

Gotcha Day #8 and News About Meeeee!!

This is my Gotcha Day Celebration – I adopted Hoomama 8 years ago on November 1. I know Mom thinks she gave birth to me, so don’t tell her I am adopted. She would be devastated. She made me waffles and got me all my favorite goodies! Look at the size of that bone!

I was seen for my Oncology follow up at University of Wisconsin and they were sooo excited to see me! I am 137.5 pounds now so I have knocked off quite a few pounds so I can get around better. The doctor said I look PAWESOME! My study was supposed to end on Nov 1 but they got funding for another year so I am gonna keep going there. I am one of only 2 dogs still in the study.

I am 31 months post diagnosis and celebrating the Tripawd life! Hoomama says I am her HERO and she is RIGHT! I AM sooo cute she can hardly stand it!



Hi Everyone! It’s meee celebrating my 8th Birthday in a Very Big way!! I got cake and LOTS of presents and lots of love and kisses and hugs til I was ready to vomit but WOW!!! Hoomama and My Bestie Friend REALLY did it THIS time!! WOW!!

This is my cake and these are my presents.

Sonny, my very very best buddy on the whole Earth surprised me with a visit – Hoomama didn’t tell me he was coming, even!!! Then He comes in and says Hoppy Birthday to me and says, “Let’s go!”

“Go?” I thought – where?? “Oh – Noooo! Not to the vet, PLEASE!!!”

“LOOK!!! Its a CONVERTIBLE!! and its a BMW Convertible!!!” and its with my Hoomama and my Bestie and WITHOUT that other dog that lives in MY house!!

Meeee and my Hoomama getting ready for the VERY best day EVER!!
Meeee and Hoomama and my Bestie Sonny as we head out for my RIDE!

I got to go for a long ride and then we got McDonalds which is my favorite treat -besides Blue Bunny Ice Cream and birthday cake and sweet potatoes and steak and chicken and a whole bunch of other things! LOL!

Oh My Dog!! What a Wonderful Day! Me and Sonny – WITHOUT Hoomama!! Sometimes its just “guys”!

This was the Pawesomest Birthday EVER!! I got to ride in a BMW Convertible, got a visit with my Best Buddy, my favorite food, cake treats, presents and my Hoomama all to myself!! I am pretty sure that somebuddy luffs meeeee!!

Hugs and sloppy kisses to all! I am doing just great! I am REALLY enjoying my Tripawd Life and Hoomama and I are VERY GRATEFUL to God for all that he has given us. Love to all! Thanks to Sonny for the very best day ever!!!!


I Have Outlived My Study!! 27 Months Ampuversary


Meeee and Hoomama’s cheap motel room. This bed is WAY too high!

AUGUST 11 IS MY 27 MONTHS AMPUVERSARY! I did NOT get a celebration cause my Birthday is 8/11. I was cheated – right?!

I did have an adventure though. Very bad storm by my house on 8/10/20 and the power went out at about 3:30PM. When it had not come back on at 7PM Hoomama and I (mostly Meee) decided it was time to move to plan B. Our appointment at University of Wisconsin was 8/11/20 at 10AM, so after discussing it with Hoomama, I decided we should drive 1/2 way and stay overnight at a hotel near Interstate 90. In the morning we would proceed to UW without any breakfast for me cause I gotta get a little sedation for my Xray.

Away we went and THIS is where we stayed – See photo above – as you can see this was NOT a Hyatt House or even a Hilton or Marriott! Hoomama said it was just fine but it was NOT FINE! Look at that bed! There was NO WAY I could get up on that bed. Hoomama said I could sleep on the floor! Imagine her saying that?!  Often I DO sleep on the floor at home but that is MY CHOICE and I was NOT happy. Anyhow, I had some water and some treats and I peed on the grass so it was OK.

I got a new doctor and she was really nice. Dr. Magee is still there so I got to visit with her too! I really love it once I get there, I just don’t like going. Everyone here is always soooo excited to see meeee. I am a FAVORITE.

I was told the Study I am in will be over at the end of October. I HAVE OUTLIVED THE STUDY!!! There were 7 or 8 other dogs in that study at UW – (there are sites at different Universities as well). Just ME and one other dog are still alive and kicking with 3 legs at 2+ years. I will get to go back one more time at end of October. After that there is no more funding for the study. I am hoping to see some results of the study in the future. Hoomama said she will pay for me to be seen there every 6 months cause she really loves this place!

Thank You Jesus, UW and Tripawds Foundation for helping meee and Hoomama so I can have a normal and full life. I will be 8 years old 8/31 and I am told that is a normal lifespan for a big dog like meeee! I am planning on going on BEING MORE DOG as long as I can!

More to come! Love and sloppy kisses and wagging tails and HAIR all over the place!