2 YEARS AMPUVERSARY and Lazy Hoomama

It’s My Party and I am sharing it with my BIG (older) brother. That’s the kinda doggo I am!
Don’t mind sharing cake, but NOT SHARING Ice Cream!
I am SUCH a HERO!! 2 WHOLE YEARS After my surgery! Hoomom made this cake for me!
This is meeeee and my Oncologist at University of Wisconsin. She is Dr. Kara Magee. She loves me, too!

Hi Everyone!!! Its MEEEEE Finally after a long time without any updates. I am soooo embarrassed because I know everyone is freaking out that I haven’t posted in soooo long. IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!!! It’s my Hoomama.  I am not sure about WHY she’s not posting but I have 2 theories about this. First and most obvious is that she is a lazy slug. I don’t really like thinking that about her so i have another idea…

I think it might be the virus everyone has been talking about. Hoomama might think the Corona virus is a COMPUTER virus and she is not going to use her computer unless she HAS to (I insisted today she HAD to). I told her computer viruses don’t do anything to Hoomans and made her look on Google!

I can’t type myself because my paw is too big and I only have one so I depend on her to post things for me. She said nothing is changing and that all my pictures are the SAME so she wanted to wait for some news. I think she is just LAZY.

Anyhow… enuff about her and now it’s all about MEEEE!

Nothing is new… well… almost nothing….Biggest news is AMPUVERSARY #2  Had my exam at University of Wisconsin a month late because of the Corona virus. I did GREAT. No humans are allowed in there now, so Dr. Magee came out to the car to pick me up. Hoomom was a little worried I wouldn’t go with her but I decided I would cooperate just to make things easier. Dr. Magee was wearing a MASK! I had to use my nose to be sure it was really her! All these humans with masks on is just weird! Had my Chest X-Ray and labs and exam and I was a very good boy! I jumped onto the X-Ray table! Just showing off how strong I am! Everything is good. No evidence of cancer in this doggo! I bark all the time and my voice is strong and loud as ever!!!

I did have 2 other “adventures” in the past couple months… first one was that I fell outta bed. This time I really hurt myself and I scared Hoomama so bad she was up at 8AM calling people for help and advice! At first I couldn’t move. I let out a  BIG “Yelp”… That means OUCH in dog speech. I tried to get up but my legs wouldn’t work! Legs were just shaking and Mom was crying and hugging me. She was soooo scared. I gotta say I was really worried about myself. Hoomom left my harness in the car and she CANNOT lift me, anyhow so I had to lay there while she was crying and praying! Its was awful. She said for me to just lay here while she gets my harness and figures things out. NO WAY, I thought … so when she got back from getting my harness I was standing at the door waiting for her!!! She still took me to the vet, but I was OK after a few days of Vetprofen and some extra treats. Mom got rid of her bed frame after that and now if I fall it won’t be far. That bed was too high anyhow! Woof! Woof!

My other adventure was stealing 4 pounds of doggie dental treats and eating them all at once out on the deck so I wouldn’t get caught! I puked for 2 days and it looked like white paint! Terrified Mom until she saw the empty bag outside. After that,  I had 2 more days of white paint diarrhea! I will never learn. I will steal and sneak around forever cause its who I am and what I do! More soon!! Love to all! Woof! Woof!