Complaints About My Hoomama and Resolved Issue!


Listen to THIS!!!! December 23 is Hoomama’s Wedding Anniversary. Since she is a widow she decided to celebrate this by going to the local ANIMAL SHELTER and donating TREATS!! In addition, she delivered them in MY CAR! and did NOT take me along! These are treats that SHOULD HAVE been for MEEEE!!! and to a lesser extent for big brother Raffie. I cannot BELIEVE she did this and I am sooooo MAD!

When she got back, I heard her talking on the phone to some lady who has ANOTHER 3 LEGGED DOG who may be up for adoption in January. Mom said she is thinking about it. I said ENUFF IS ENUFF and I will NOT stand for it!

I have been complaining all day! Told Hoomama she HAS TO make this right… sooooo…

Hoomama’s attempt to make me feel better!!

Hoppy Blue Bunny!!! Look at THIS!!! Hoomama got me Blue Bunny SAMMICHES!!! All is forgiven and Hoppy Christmas to MEEEE and Raffie! Mom’s not worried about the chocolate in the wafer. (Processed cocoa powder is the 16th ingredient and she only gives me 1/2 of the wafer). She said this amount of chocolate is the LEAST of my problems and I soooo agree… Its the least of HER PROBLEMS! I can’t BELIEVE this!!! She told me before she found Blue Bunny Sammiches but she wouldn’t get them. BUT SHE DID!!!! SHE DID!!! I LUFF THIS!! and she bought me a quart of the Blue Bunny Ice Cream too! WOW! I really mush have SHAMED her!!! And I covered her in Slime and drool!

Look at the pulled pork and sweet potatoes for Christmas Eve Dinner!!! Raffie and me had all that wonderful food, Blue Bunny Sammich and then we passed out asleep!! Merry Christmas to MEEEE!!! and Hoomama is totally FORGIVEN as long as she gets me some more treats. Love and Hoppy Holidays to all!  BE MORE DOG! Like Meeee!!

Hoppy Howlidays from meeee!

This is MY Christmas Card. That “dog” in Santa’s lap is my big brother Raffie. 
I am FORCED to sleep with my Hoomama. She takes all the pillows and covers tho. Look at those SHEETS with doggies on them!

Hello everyone. It’s meeee again. Had a wonderful visit with Sandy Paws and was promised more treats and Blue Bunny Ice Cream. We shall see. Hoomama took me and Raffie to see Santa at the same time but she got SEPARATE pics this time so she didn’t have to take me back there alone like last year. No stupid looking costumes this year, either! I am a much more reasonable dog since I helped Hoomama read Rene’s and Jim’s book, “Be More Dog”. I am trying to not be soooo demanding, but its not easy for me because I know NOTHING is more important to Hoomama than I AM!!

I have been giving Mom a break lately and sleeping with my head at to TOP of the bed. I find its much easier to kick Mom and wake her up this way. Added bonus is that I can slobber more easily on her face in this position and loose hairs find their way more easily into her MOUTH! I love Hoomama and want to make sure she is happy with all these things I do.

Looking forward to another turkey dinner but Mom said she may do something different. Bah Humbug! All I really want for Christmas is Blue Bunny Ice Cream and maybe Peace on Earth! Love to all and to all a good night!

BE MORE DOG, everybody!!!