It’s All About Meeeeee!

This is meeeeee with my new weight loss (before I stole the bread).
Yes. I stole this and I ruined Hoomom’s dinner and no I am NOT sorry. I am only sorry Mom found the bag out on the deck where I was hiding it.

It’s all about the latest and greatest – MEEEEEE! I am still doing great! Two weeks (April 22) marks the one year anniversary of my osteosarcoma diagnosis and the vet telling my hooman Mom I only had 3 weeks to 3 months more to live with her. I went back there and pooped on his grass.

We were at University of Wisconsin last week and I am still healthy AND I LOST 7.5 pounds on my diet! My oncologist said I am still too fat but I told her she needs to realize that this is muscle. I also reminded her of my real purpose in life and that is to get Mom to give me all the Blue Bunny Ice Cream I can get. I got NONE while on this diet so I decided to steal Mom’s bread and ruin her dinner. She just laughed at me and told me I am the cutest person she knows. I got her fooled.

May 11 marks my 1 YEAR AMPUVERSARY and if I know my hooman Mom she will have some Blue Bunny Ice Cream and a cake… and a party hat ready for me. I go back to UW on June 5 for my recheck so I have a whole 2 months to lose a little more weight. I WILL have the Blue Bunny!!!

Love and Hoppy Spring to all my fellow Tripawds!