I Fooled My Hoomom! Best Day EVER!!


This little growth on my gum REALLY freaked Hoomama out bad!
I had to work really hard to get this Blue Bunny

Those who follow this blog know meeeee and know that my favorite thing in the whole world (next to my Hoomom) is Blue Bunny Ice Cream. In addition, you may know I have been  on a diet because I am 162 pounds and that’s a lot of weight for me to be trying to hop around carrying.

I never thought this scheme of mine would work as well as it did but who would think? Right?

This was my plan… to scare my Hoomom into getting me some Blue Bunny! I grew this little growth (see pic) on my gums, Mom saw it  and she TOTALLY flipped her lid! She was slobbering all over me all the time and giving me extra treats and telling me constantly that, “Da Momma loves da puppy… soooo much!” It was getting sickening. She couldn’t get me to the vet fast enough and when she did they told her I would have to wait 10 days to get it removed unless I could get in quicker at Wisconsin.

My Hoomom said, “That’s not going to happen” and started her quest to get me seen sooner. After 16 phone calls and 8 emails I was seen today to remove it. I had to listen to Mom praying for 2 1/2 hours as she drove me to the University of Wisconsin. When we got there, my usual Oncology Team saw me and gave Mom the worst case scenario! Just in case. They were talking about CT scans and staging and something about having to remove my lower jaw if it was cancer!!! YIKES! Maybe I am taking this joke a little too far… It  is not worth all that just to get some Blue Bunny Ice Cream… IS IT?

They took me away to surgery.  The doctor told Mom to come back in 6-7 hours to get me. I started getting a little nervous, soooo… when they got me into the exam room and they looked at it, I thought, “Maybe this joke has gone too far! I better be a good boy and cooperate!”

I held real still while they looked and then they said, “This is not bad at all, we can remove all of it right now and send for a biopsy. Then they all agreed, ” It doesn’t look like cancer.” I knew that all the time! I was just trying to scare Mom into getting me the Blue Bunny!

I thought well, I fooled Mom but NOT the doctors! I decided to hold very still and let them remove it under local anesthesia and NO sedation! I was done in less than 1/2 hour and Mom was sooooo Hoppy that I got to have the BEST DAY of my life!!!

I saved Mom about $1200, not even including getting a CT scan (total about $4000 to start) if it was cancer and we got outta there for less than $400!!! Mom was so hoppy! She was jumping up and down and hugging the doctors (a nice change, as she is always hugging meeee).

All the way home, I still had to listen to her praying, but this time it was, “Thank  You, Jesus!”  instead of, “Please, Jesus!” Then the FUN REALLY started!! I couldn’t believe Mom wasn’t mad at me for trying to fool her into thinking I had relapsed! No! She was HOPPY!

I got to have McDonalds on the way home! Then Mom said, I think we can get back in time for you to go to Day Care and go in the pool!” I was so Hoppy I started dancing around in back of my car! I had a fabulous 5 hours of fun at Day Care and then I was so tired Mom let me sleep 3 hours before she poked me and handed me that bowl of BLUE BUNNY ICE CREAM!!! (See pic) BEST DAY EVER!

My Hoomom thinks I am PAWSOME! I think that she is not so crazy after all! More news to come when my biopsy results come back. My next Study visit is 8/7 and I will be 7 YEARS OLD 8/31! I am not worried and Mom said she is OK for now. Thanks to MY TEAM at UW! Woof WoofI I love you guys!


I am sooo NOT SORRY!!!

This (EXPENSIVE) lithograph was a wedding gift to my Hoomama from my Hoodad who has since passed away. I am drool slinging champion!

Hello everyone its me  with a  new accomplishment. Look at that drool!!!! I am soooo proud!

Look at this sweet innocent face. Could I ever do ANYTHING wrong…????

That picture is hanging over the couch in MY living room. My hoomom got that picture as a wedding present from my hoodad who has since passed away.

Think I care? ? ?

I do not. Mom wants to enter me in the Olympics! She believes I could earn a gold metal in drool slinging! The totally best part of all this is that I was able to sling that OVER HER HEAD while she was sitting on the couch! This is even better than the time I hit her right in the face!! I love my hoomom so much and this is really about the best thing I can give her! I told her its better than pee or poop and she did agree with that…

My hoomom just loves me way soooo much that she don’t  care. She keeps feeding me, giving me low calorie treats, Furminating me and still vacuuming up  my hair 3 times a day. She said she hopes she will be doing exactly the same things for a long time. I told her to go get the Blue Bunny Ice Cream!