Hi Everyone! It’s meee celebrating my 8th Birthday in a Very Big way!! I got cake and LOTS of presents and lots of love and kisses and hugs til I was ready to vomit but WOW!!! Hoomama and My Bestie Friend REALLY did it THIS time!! WOW!!

This is my cake and these are my presents.

Sonny, my very very best buddy on the whole Earth surprised me with a visit – Hoomama didn’t tell me he was coming, even!!! Then He comes in and says Hoppy Birthday to me and says, “Let’s go!”

“Go?” I thought – where?? “Oh – Noooo! Not to the vet, PLEASE!!!”

“LOOK!!! Its a CONVERTIBLE!! and its a BMW Convertible!!!” and its with my Hoomama and my Bestie and WITHOUT that other dog that lives in MY house!!

Meeee and my Hoomama getting ready for the VERY best day EVER!!
Meeee and Hoomama and my Bestie Sonny as we head out for my RIDE!

I got to go for a long ride and then we got McDonalds which is my favorite treat -besides Blue Bunny Ice Cream and birthday cake and sweet potatoes and steak and chicken and a whole bunch of other things! LOL!

Oh My Dog!! What a Wonderful Day! Me and Sonny – WITHOUT Hoomama!! Sometimes its just “guys”!

This was the Pawesomest Birthday EVER!! I got to ride in a BMW Convertible, got a visit with my Best Buddy, my favorite food, cake treats, presents and my Hoomama all to myself!! I am pretty sure that somebuddy luffs meeeee!!

Hugs and sloppy kisses to all! I am doing just great! I am REALLY enjoying my Tripawd Life and Hoomama and I are VERY GRATEFUL to God for all that he has given us. Love to all! Thanks to Sonny for the very best day ever!!!!