Helloooooo! Its Meeeee 17 Months Ampuversary

Meeeeeee and him… my big brother who THINKS he’s ALPHA dog
Portrait of MEEEE with Hoomom’s new iPhone 11 Pro Max
Waiting (Im)patiently for Hoomom to feed us!

Hello its Meeeee and I am 17 months post surgery! We were at UW on 10/9 and I am still without any signs of cancer recurrence!!! I also lost about 9 pounds cause Hoomama is getting very strict with the food and treats. She is insane. Just because SHE is too fat doesn’t mean I am! My Gotcha day is coming up on November 1, and I am looking forward to a new futon – the one I should have got for my birthday… Mom got HERSELF a new car and I got cake and Blue Bunny but NO NEW FUTON.

I am feeling really good and my team at UW is pleased with how I am doing. I am a happy dog who is enjoying my life and living the Tripawd dream. BE MORE DOG!!!