Merry Christmas and Hoppy New Year to all! We had a busy week visiting Santa. First, my Hooman ┬áMom brought my brother along. He took all of Santa’s attention and lap time so I made Mom take me again, this time alone! She did cause she loves me soooo much but she had to get in my picture too! BOTH Santas promised me a lot of expensive presents so I am looking forward to all those treats!

I am getting so bored with Mom bugging me all the time with hugs and kisses and telling me hundreds of times a day that I am “Good Boy”. I KNOW I am a good boy and I don’t need her constant slobbering kisses all over my face. She NEVER yells at me any more, either. Whats up with THAT? I broke her pie plate yesterday trying to steal the pie and she didn’t even get mad… the pie was pretty good, too. She always shares her ice cream with me so I guess I will just put up with her.

All my exams have been good and I am feeling fine. Mom says I am a much better “Good Boy” than I was when I had 4 legs so Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Hoppy New Year!

Me and my Big Brother Raffie. He’s a Brussel’s Griffon (is that even a DOG??) HE TOOK ALL SANTA’S LAP TIME!
Meeee and Hoomama at 2nd trip to see Santa. WITHOUT Raffie but I still didn’t get any LAP TIME! This outfit is soooo embarrassing! How could Hoomama do this to meeeee?


This is soooo embarrassing!
Look at what I have to put up with just to get Blue Bunny Ice Cream!

We went to the University of Wisconsin yesterday for our every 2 months recheck for my clinical trial/study. My exam was good and my Chest Xray remains CLEAR!! I don’t have to go back until February 7. Mom said we can’t do breakfast on the way there any more because I might need to go to sleep for my Xray. I did. Just can’t lay flat on my back with legs up in the air on that hard table. You hoomans who have has XRays know what I mean, right?

My hooman Mom has officially lost her mind she is so excited that I am doing well! Me and my brother Raffie are trying on our Christmas outfits. Mom is taking us for pictures with Santa Paws on Sunday. So watch out… more pics coming up…