Good News About Meeee!

Just some assorted cuteness, I am the hoppiest man I know!!

Hi!! It’s meee again! I went for my checkup this morning at University of Wisconsin! I am EXHAUSTED after that! The doctor said I am “NORMAL”. My mom said I am quite extraordinary, tho.

Mom got me Mc Donalds cheeseburgers (plain) to celebrate. My weight is down a couple ounces because Mom has put my Blue Bunny ice cream on hold. I am 162 pounds of mostly drool and hair. My mom was complaining about having to vacuum 3 times a day cause I am shedding so badly but I looked at her with my big wonderful brown eyes and her heart melted and she just kept vacuuming. Had some drool on the bedroom ceiling, too! That’s sooooo cool how I can get it up there! I love that!!

I am now 6 3/4 years old and making it to 7 is looking pretty good! I go back for recheck 8/7! They see me every 2 months for my study. My doctor said after 4 more months I can go to 6 months but my mom said she will have a nervous breakdown if I am not checked at least every 3 months. My doctor said that’s OK – she knows how neurotic mom is. These hoomans  – they just HAVE to worry! I am laughing at her!

Mom wants to thank everyone who prays for me and my Oncology team at UW for keeping me healthy and for monitoring me. Mom also wants to send love to Mark at Nissan Naperville for keeping my car going. We cranked over 152,000 miles this morning! Mark thinks he can keep my car running as long as UW can keep ME running! Naperville Nissan (Illinois) is AWESOME! BLESSINGS TO ALL!