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St.Bernard Thurston

Thurston's journal of osteosarcoma treatment


September 14th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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September 11 is the 4 months Ampuversary for Thurston!┬áHe is a remarkable Floppy Dog and continues to improve his mobility almost daily… especially if its something he WANTS to do!. Had a little weight gain this month (about 8 pounds) so we have to be careful but his UW Veterinarians said he is still doing well. We are hoping that the extra weight is MUSCLE!!! Thurston is walking pretty well now and can run a short distance (he was never ever ┬ámuch of a runner) but more importantly now he is able to jump onto the bed again and he can get up onto his new Birthday Futon!


Taking a break from all my important duties

We went to The University of Wisconsin for 8/6-7. Thurston is part of a clinical study there which is looking at the effects of giving an attenuated Listeria injection on the immune system of dogs who had osteosarcoma, amputation and chemotherapy. Hopefully this will help stimulate the immune system to attack and destroy any remaining cancer cells. He will receive one more injection for a series of 3 doses 3 weeks apart. Then we will return to UW every 8 weeks for follow up examinations. Thurston is a very altruistic dog and hopes that his participation in this study will help other dogs and even HUMANS!

I haven’t been giving anything to protect his remaining limbs from injury or strain/sprain/arthritis. Wondering if other Tripawd Pawrents give anything. I am sure his remaining joints are getting a workout. He is really floppy and does occasionally fall onto his chin. Its kind of sad when it happens but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He just gets up and continues along his way like nothing happened. Thurston has a remarkable spirit. I thank God every day for His blessings! Love and “Woof Woof” to all!

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  • tlahaye

    Thanks for the update . . . sounds like Thurston is doing great.

    After Casey’s amputation, he developed swelling and inflammation around one eye, and I was very concerned that his osteo had spread to an orbit. Nope, just a black eye from all the faceplants.

  • jerry

    Hoooray for Thurston! Hoppy Ampuvwersary handsome! We love love love that he is getting around so well and enjoying life. Keep up the great work being his #1 advocate!

    As for supplements, yes! Please see:

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