Overview of Thurston 3 Legged St. Bernard

Thurston’s favorite pose! LOL!

Thurston is a floppy dog. A giant dog with a huge personality and many wonderful qualities I love him more every day! He was  5 years 8 months old when he started limping intermittently and was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of his right foreleg at the wrist on 4/22/2018. He was amputated at University of Wisconsin on 5/11 and has since completed 4 rounds of Carboplatin. He is now participating in a clinical study and so far, so good. His story needs to be told and I am planning to do just that as soon as I can figure out how to operate this blog. Keep an eye out for future postings and pictures appearing as soon as possible! Love and encouragement to all the Tripawds out there. Tripawds and St. Bernards rule!!! Please see ALL ABOUT US on this site for more information!

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I am Gloria, a retired RN and Single Pawrent of Thurston Howell IV, a 6 year old St. Bernard who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 4/22/18 and amputated 5/11/18. He has finished 4 rounds of Carboplatin and is enrolled on a Study at University of Wisconsin at Madison. We want to share our story with others. Thurston's journal of osteosarcoma treatment

3 thoughts on “Overview of Thurston 3 Legged St. Bernard”

  1. Hi Handsome Thurston!! We’re eager to follow your story. It’s similar to ours, only Fallon is a greyhound–size difference!!
    Please and thank you on more pictures!!!

  2. Oh what a gorgeous boy! We are SO hoppy you decided to blog because we need all the Tripawd hero stories about Saints that we can get. They are one of the first breeds that many vets will say are not eligible for amputation, however here at Tripawds we’ve seen plenty do well on three. So THANK YOU for chiming in and spreading the word. If you need any help at all with the blog don’t hesitate to reach out to us OK?

  3. Smooching that smoochable mug right thru the screen! Such an adorable boy!

    Looking forward to following Thurston on his tripawd journey. And we’ll be looking forward to celebrating all of Thurston ‘s upcoming victories!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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