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Relaxing on my new futon.

August 31,2018 marks an AWESOME day for Thurston! That’s his 6th Birthday! (This is his new futon. I gave it to him early because I am a great pawrent!) A day back on April 22 that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have a chance to celebrate! He 3 1/2 months post amputation and is doing great! His mobility is amazing. He was never the most active dog, he liked going to Day Care, going in the pool, and mostly just lounging around. He was much too lazy to ever want to go for walks or to chase a ball! Never! So the loss of his right front leg hasn’t really changed his activity all that much, and I would strongly encourage anyone not considering surgery for their giant dog to reconsider! He easily gets into the car and can even jump up on my bed now! He no longer slips on the hardwood floors and I was able to take up all the runners. He can walk about 2 blocks without needing to rest, assuming he’s going somewhere that he actually WANTS to go! When were going to the vet, he might want to stop and rest after every 20 steps!!

Even during chemo, his appetite was alright. At 185 pounds prior to surgery he is now 136. Still could stand to lose a little weight, but so could I! As a home care RN I know human cancer patients’ appetites  often change during and after chemo and I think that’s true for furry patients too. Thurston always ate dry Iams mini chunks but now he will only eat that if I add something interesting such as a can of moist dog food with some warm water. In addition I found that he loves beans! Since all canned beans I could find contained onions and various spices I now just make his myself. I get mixed dried beans, add some extra black beans and pintos and just boil with salt pork until they are really overcooked and soft. He loves the soup when added to his dog food. He also enjoys baked sweet potatoes. I get 5 very big ones wash them, wrap in foil and bake til really soft. Then I refrigerate and give him one a day (more if he won’t eat anything else). Remember to peel them before serving. I just score the skin , cut off each end and peel with my fingers. It comes off easily.

Shortly after his surgery and during/soon after chemo he would get nervous/agitated or drool a lot! This meant he was nauseated and Cerenia given once daily as needed resolved that problem. You need a prescription for it and its pretty expensive but so worth it! I also found CBD oil made from hemp seemed to help calm him down as well. There was no clear dosing on the bottle I had so I started with 1/2 ml and increased gradually to 1 1/2 ml 3x a day. The one I used is made by Serenity and is 500mg in 2 ounces and is available on Amazon. Petsmart also has something called Licks Zen Calming Aid that is a homeopathic treatment that really surprised me at how well it worked.

He doesn’t need any of that any more. He got a new futon for his birthday and I gave it to him a little early just because I love him and want to be a good pawrent! Please continue to follow our story. I will continue to offer the things I found helpful. Shout out to the team at University of Wisconsin for their wonderful support.


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I am Gloria, a retired RN and Single Pawrent of Thurston Howell IV, a 6 year old St. Bernard who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 4/22/18 and amputated 5/11/18. He has finished 4 rounds of Carboplatin and is enrolled on a Study at University of Wisconsin at Madison. We want to share our story with others. Thurston's journal of osteosarcoma treatment

5 thoughts on “More about the Floppy Guy”

  1. Everyday is Thurston ‘s birthday!!! And that means you get presents everyday sweet boy!!😎

    Yij are definitely a very ,loved boy. Not many doggies xan say they got their very own futon for their birthday! And you look gloriously happy to be chilling on it!!

    You are a powerful advocate for your precious Thurston and giving him exquisite care…and food, beans included!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Now THAT is a dog bed fit for a pup named Thurston! I love it!

    He is such an amazing doggie and you are a truly wonderful pawrent. I love that you are able to mix up his feeding routine and still keep his weight down, good job! Thanks for sharing the tips. I think I’ll go bake a sweet potato for our Wyatt now, I’m sure he will love it.

    We of course love following your story so post away and GO BADGERS!

  3. Hi Gloria, I looked up you r blog after I read your post to my Izzy. WOW you have a big boy there! my Izzy is our small saint. she is weighing in at 102 now and was 120 before her surgery. I love the futon! We have a futon for a sofa now because Izzy can still get up on that.
    I love how Thurston has to rest every 20 steps or so going into the vet, lol. That is the one place Izzy doesn’t have to rest for some reason she now absolutely loves going to the vets. Are you trying to get Thurston’s Weight down now or just working on keeping him from gaining more? I ask because we went through both with our other Saint, Hazel, who we lost in October (she was an old girl).
    Now I gotta ask……BEANS?? like green beans or black and pinto type beans? and don’t they give him gas? and if they do, how in the world do you stand that? I know if Izzy gets gas I will go sleep in another room just to be able to breathe. St Bernard gas has got to be the worst!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. LOL!! I am soooo glad Izzy is doing OK. Thurston and I had his birthday party yesterday Aug 31 he turned 6! Hallelujah! Yep, It’s the pinto, black, great northern, lima and other variety cooked with salt port. He loves it. He can have ANYTHING he wants right now, I don’t care about gas… YET.Made him a New York strip steak for his “I’m all done with chemo dinner!” His weight is pretty good. He’s 136 and I can easily feel his ribs but he doesn’t look skinny, even tho he’s way below his 4 legged weight. His maximum weight was 197 and even then he was solid and looked really good. Sooo great to hear from you! Please keep in touch! Love and kisses to Izzy!

  4. My Aspen 4 year ole great Pyrenees had left front amputation plus shoulder blade and lymph node. She is doing amazing was #132 before surgery now about #124 now 2 weeks post surgery. I need guidance into the CBD oil and mushroom supplements. Can anyone help me with Brands and dosage? Thank you for any help, Crystal & Aspen

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