Wheehoo! GOTCHA DAY #7

Gotcha Day #1 when my Hoomama found me and brought me home.I am sooooo cute I can hardly stand myself!
This is meeeee today Gotcha #7 and I am still so cute I can hardly stand it!
My Hoomama got meeee (and Raffie, I suppose) a WHOLE LOT of treats – NOTE THE BLUE BUNNY!!

Hi Everyone, its MEEEEE and this is my #7 Gotcha Day and I am soooo HOPPY to be celebrating it with my Hoomama who just loves me way too much!! Look at all those treats she got for me (and my big brother)!

I am doing really well and the doctors at University of Wisconsin now say I don’t have to come back for 6 months for my study recheck and Xray. That would be in March but my Hoomama is so coo coo crazy she told them NO WAY could she wait that long and she made the appointment for January. I keep telling her I am ok and she doesn’t need to worry but she said NO WAY, so I am hoping it will be cold and snowy so I can wait til March! Mom will make me go anyhow, but I will get McDonalds and maybe even Dairy Queen. I am always looking at the bright side – if Mom takes me earlier she will have to PAY for it cause its off the study, so MAYBE she will change her mind? Nooooo!

My Hoomama is a real helicopter pawrent. The other day I was at Day Care and I caught her sneaking a drive-by to see how I was doing. Its shameful that she feels the need to do that but I kinda like it! She is funny, isn’t she!

Life as a Tripawd is good! I hop forward, take 2 steps with my back legs and hop forward again. I have pretty good speed but my endurance isn’t great. Thank heavens I never much wanted to run and I hated going for walks. I can get where I WANT to go really well. If its to the vet, well, I have to stop and rest a few times on the way from the car! I am a real con artist. Mom knows it and she plays along.

Looking forward to my Thanksgiving turkey and baked sweet potatoes. I think about food a lot! Especially Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Hope everyone has a great holiday! Love and sloppy kisses to all my friends. Chat with you soon!

Author: thurston

I am Gloria, a retired RN and Single Pawrent of Thurston Howell IV, a 6 year old St. Bernard who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 4/22/18 and amputated 5/11/18. He has finished 4 rounds of Carboplatin and is enrolled on a Study at University of Wisconsin at Madison. We want to share our story with others. Thurston's journal of osteosarcoma treatment

11 thoughts on “Wheehoo! GOTCHA DAY #7”

  1. You are so cute I can hardly stand it.
    I’ll let you in on a secret – an amputation makes a dog or cat even cuter and warms my heart.
    Enjoy your gotcha day treats and the love of Gloria and your brother. Congrats on your test results.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! I need all the help I can get trying to manipulate my Hoomama! Getting her to get me that Blue Bunny Ice Cream isn’t always easy!

  2. Hoppy Gotcha Day Thurston! That’s quite a selection of pawty favors, you’re making everypawdy drool!

    Hard to believe you were ever that small. Just look at you now big guy, you make us all look very, very small.

    I love that your mom is a helicopter parent, she is pawesome! And Congrats on the no more vet visits for a while. You are kickin’ butt and taking names!

  3. Way to go Thurston! Happy gotcha day you handsome dawg… and look at those treats!!
    Your mama truly loves you to the moon and back big boy, and how could she not!! You are totally adorable πŸ™‚
    Wishing you many more gotcha days, sending big hugs to you and your furmily πŸ™‚

    Jackie and Huck

  4. Hi Thurston…great to meet you! We have a lot in common… We kinda look alike and we’re about the same age {I’m 6/12}. The main differences are I just had my surgery 2 days ago and, more importantly, my dad doesn’t give me Blue Bunny. Also, it was my left hind leg that I don’t see any more!! Let me tell you, its a whole lot trickier to poo and pee these days but y dad says I’m doing great. I have enjoyed reading about your journey and am thrilled you are doing so well…it really helps us newbies to have old timers at this ..see ya later

    1. oops almost forgot to tell you, my names Jebediah but my friends call me Jebbie [and sometimes a lot of other things}

      1. We are delighted that you found us and welcome a fellow Tripawd to the group. Life is GREAT. I DO WHATEVER I WANT! YOU WILL TOO! Contact us if you need anything! Support? Questions? I CANNOT share the Blue Bunny!

    2. Hope you’re doing PAWESOME and hopping around on all THREE. Peeing and pooping DOES take some creativity but you will figger it out! Tell your pawrents that Blue Bunny Ice Cream will make a really BIG difference in your recovery… Your Hoodad might fall for that… it worked on my Hoomama! Luff and slobber to ya! T and G

  5. THURSTON!!!! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT EACH PICTURE OF YOU GETS CUTER AND CUTER??? OMD! Slobbering all over the screen smooching you!!!
    Okay Thirston, you have outdone yourself in the CUTENESS category and in the LMAO category!!! There is a LMAO category, right?
    And yeah, we’ll give your Mom the designation of Captain of the Hoomama Helicopter Team. An appointment ahead of time??? What is wrong with her??? Shhhh…..have to be honest, she’s driven by LOVE❀❀❀ IF, IF you have to have that appointment ahead of time…sigh… make sure you get two drive thrus on the way and two drive thrus on rhe way back! Then, and this is important, a big bowl of BLUE BUNNY ICE CREAM!!! Shhhh….in the meantime, we’ll all do the “hoppy snow dance” that entire week!!

    I saw your great GOTCHA VERSARY celebration meal! Thirston, you really are so loved, but you know that! And you know that we all love snd adore yoi too. Yeah, you know that. You add so much joy in our lives, not to mention inspawration!!! You and your Hoomama inspire all of us on so many levels, and always with your one-of-a-kind BRILLIANT wit and over-the-top skills in all the ways you con uour hoomama!😎😎
    HAPPY GOTCHA DAY ADORAVLE THURSTON!!! You gotcha Mom’s hear…and you gotcha our heartsβ€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€

    Lots of love! Can’t wait to see pictures of youand uour brudda on Turkey day…hint!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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