Me and my big brother Raffie waiting for Hoomama to FINALLY cut that turkey!
This is me enjoying my turkey and sweet potatoes.

Hello everybody its Meeeee wishing everyone a Hoppy Thanksgiving. Hoomama made us turkey and sweet potatoes but NOOOO Blue Bunny ice cream. She said she’s not getting it for me because she doesn’t think I need it. Right. Sure, Mom … but I WANT IT and I will kick you all night long while you are trying to sleep.

I am sooo hoppy that now Thanksgiving is over I can start bothering Hoomama to take me to see Sandy Claws. I’m sure she learned last year that she must take me ALONE and NOT with Raffie. I told her to forget the elf costume, because if there is no Blue Bunny I will not dress up and look cute. Its all about my dignity and about BEING MORE DOG! “More Dogs” are always respectful of our dignity!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that all you PAWRENTS are thankful for your Tripawds! Thanks to Rene, Jim and Wyatt for putting my picture on the November 28 issue of Tripawd News! I think I look pretty good in that picture!

Author: thurston

I am Gloria, a retired RN and Single Pawrent of Thurston Howell IV, a 6 year old St. Bernard who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 4/22/18 and amputated 5/11/18. He has finished 4 rounds of Carboplatin and is enrolled on a Study at University of Wisconsin at Madison. We want to share our story with others. Thurston's journal of osteosarcoma treatment

2 thoughts on “HOPPY THANKSGIVING!”

  1. Wow that’s quite a meal, it looks sooo tasty. You lucky dawgs! Hope you had a great day too!

    PS: wait, Raffie is your BIG brother? How did that happen?!

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